1st team cricket tour was an all-round success

Breidyn Schaper

Jeppe’s first 1st team cricket tour in quite a few years took place just before school started in January and according to the team captain, Breidyn Schaper, it was a big success.

“We go to the Michaelmas Week each year, but this was a proper tour, travelling to different schools and spending a lot of time together,” he said.

“The results were a bit up and down, but I think we learnt a lot about cricket, got to know each other better, and had a lot of fun.”

The team played five games, won two and lost three, but the team-building side of the tour was more important than the results, Breidyn said. “Our wins, against Bishops and Wynberg, were big ones. We were quite unlucky to lose against Rondebosch, and we lost twice to SACS, who were clearly better than us.”

The batsmen, in particular, struggled with the conditions in Cape Town, Breidyn said. “The wickets are slow and low and the bowlers at those schools who are used to them were able to do things with the ball that we battled to cope with. Our bowlers were better and they played their part. The biggest learning for us was that you have to adapt to different playing conditions.”

For him as a captain, Breidyn believes, the tour was a valuable experience. “There are a number of new, young, players in the team who I didn’t really know before. I got to know something about their personalities, and their strengths and weaknesses and that will be valuable for the season ahead.

“I had to adapt to the conditions as well as a captain and I learnt a lot about field placements and bowling changes which were different to what we do at home.”

Everyone got on very well together and there were lots of opportunities to have fun as well, Breidyn said. “It was a great way to start the season and I think we will be better players and a better team as a result.”