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Voice coaches:
Mr Lyndon Baron
Mr Gabriel Janse van Rensburg
Ms Bronwyn Ogle

The Jeppe choir has recently been reinstated and has grown from a mere 9 boys at the first practice to more than 40 choir members in less than a month. In a school as culturally diverse as Jeppe, the choir gives boys from all walks of life a chance to have their voices heard.

The first song they learned this term is a Zulu lullaby called Ukhuthula. The choir has begun to learn to use their voices dynamically as this song has many different harmonies. They have been able to see that choral singing is more about listening to the person next to you than it is about singing as loudly as possible. They are quickly becoming note fast and are improving in skill and confidence with every session.

Some of our goals include getting the choir to participate in the National Eisteddfod this year, to collaborate with the Jeppe Girls choir for some school events, and to be able to collaborate with some of the other cultural groups in the school to produce a Christmas Festival at Jeppe at the end of this year.

After only four official practices, the choir performed for visitors at the Jeppe open-day and did themselves proud. There is wonderful vocal and musical talent in the group, and we look forward to seeing the choir grow in strength and reputation at the school.