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History of Jeppe Cricket:

The earliest record of cricket being played at Jeppe dates back to 1906 according to the first school magazine printed and cricket captains at the school are listed from 1906 onwards.

The first match recorded was against Marist Brothers on 3 November 1906.

Early historical records state that the facilities consisted of “sandy hillocks and wastes, shared with a dozen other clubs.” In 1910 the first nets were built at the school and in 1939, the first turf wicket was laid on clay, donated by the Transvaal Cricket Union.

The school now boast 3 turf wicket cricket ovals, 10 turf cricket nets, 4 artificial outdoor nets, as well as a state of the art Indoor Cricket Centre that was opened in 2015. The Indoor Cricket centre consists of 5 nets and there are two bowling machines.

Apart from the many fine cricket coaches that have been on the staff, NB Vines, AH Childe and HN Beckwith in particular, professional cricketers have also been employed over the years.

Charlie Marshall was a highly respected coach of the 1950’s, during which time half the schools SA Schools’ caps were awarded.

Ex-ICC Umpire, Cyril Mitchley was the last full time professional coach hired by the school who have since had full time staff responsible for the coaching. The Cricket Patrons Association was established in 1967 and they have instrumental in assisting with the continual improvement of the cricket facilities at the school.

The first Jeppe Old Boy to play for South Africa was AH Cooper in 1913 and he later returned to teach at the school. Jeppe produced five players to the 1931 Springbok Team that toured England and these included H. Cameron, RH Catterall, JA Christy, Q. McMillan and CL Vincent. N Gordon and RJ Crisp were the schools next Springboks in the late 1930’s. Brothers Eric and Athol Rowan, as well as GM Fullerton gained heir Springbok caps in the 1940’s and 1950’s. N. Adcock (1953) and AJ Kourie(1981) were more recent old boys to play for South Africa whilst T. Shamsi represented the country in 2016 in all 3 formats of the game.

The school has produced 11 SA Schools Caps to date, whilst in 2017 K. Molefe represented the SA Under 19 team in a One Day Series against the West Indies Under 19 team.

SA Schools Caps:

1940                       D. Stewart

1941                       S. Collins

1949                       R. Fowler

1951/52                G. Ritchie

1952                       L. Gill

1956                       J. Baillie

1958                       K. Anderson

1962                       N. Weightman

1970                       A. Kourie

1987/88                D. Laing

1988/89                M. Johnston

1990/91                V. Vermeulen

SA Under 19 Caps:

2017                       K. Molefe

International Caps:

1906                       P. Sherwell

1913                       A. Cooper

1919                       F. Elworthy

1922                       R. Catterall

1927                       H. Cameron

1927                       C. Vincent

1929                       J. Christy

1929                       Q. McMillan

1935                       R. Crisp

1935                       E. Rowan

1938                       N. Gordon

1947                       G. Fullerton

1947                       A. Rowan

1953                       N. Adcock

1981                       A. Kourie

2006                       G. Strydom (Zimbabwe)

2007                       G. Roome (Isle of Mann)

2008                       G. Sommer (Germany)

2014                       S. Mdluli (Swaziland)

2016                       T. Shamsi


14/15/16/18 FEBRUARY 2017


1st XI vs St David’s                                               2nd XI vs KES (Johnny Waite QF)

Lost by 145 runs                                                  Lost by 94 runs


2nd XI vs St David’s                                             3rd XI vs St David’s

Won by 1 run                                                        Lost by 1 wicket


3rd XI vs GARSFONTEIN                                    4th XI vs Reddam 1st XI

Lost by 130 runs                                                  Match Abandoned


5th XI vs St David’s                                               16A vs Parktown (Johnny Waite QF)

Lost by 8 wickets                                                 Won by 10 wickets


16A vs St David’s                                                16B vs St David’s

Won by 4 wickets                                                Won by 7 wickets


16C vs St David’s                                                15A vs St David’s

Won by 44 runs                                                    Won by 9 wickets


15B vs Northcliff U15A                                       15B vs St David’s

Lost by 7 wickets                                                 Won by 8 wickets


15C vs Northcliff U15B                                      15D vs Reddam U15A

Lost by 4 wickets                                                Match Abandoned


14A vs St David’s                                                14B vs St David’s

Won by 82 runs                                                    Lost by 15 runs


14C vs St David’s                                                14D vs Northcliff U14B

Won by 5 wickets                                                 Lost by 24 runs


14D vs St Benedict’s U14C                               14E vs Parktown

Won by 8 wickets                                                 Match Abandoned