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Hockey – Complete Fixtures 2018

Hockey – Practice Schedule 2018

Jeppe is Johannesburg’s oldest boys’ school and has a very proud academic and sporting tradition, particularly from a hockey perspective where we have been arguably Johannesburg’s strongest school over the past 30 years.

Jeppe are the current holders of the prestigious Aitken trophy and have won the tournament a record 15 times including reaching the final 9 times in the last 13 years, winning 6 times in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2015, 2016 and 2017.   Our U15 team are the current holders of the Boden Trophy having won the tournament a total of 10 times including 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017.


We have had more SA hockey international players (17) than any other Johannesburg based school, including three of the national teams’ most recent captains (Craig Jackson, Ryan Ravenscroft and most recently, Jethro Eustice who captained the national team vs. Austria in January 2015).  Two of our old boys, Jethro Eustice and Gareth Heyns are in the current South African National Team.


The Astro Turf of the school was resurfaced in 2011 and named the Warren Boden Astro Turf.  Mr. Boden taught at Jeppe from 1968 to 1988 and was instrumental in developing hockey at Jeppe and Southern Gauteng.  In 2017, 39 boys were selected in the various Southern Gauteng provincial teams.  Jesse Martin and Eddie Ramohlale were selected for the SAU18B team, Connor Cottam for the SA U16 Squad and Thlalefang Pharasi for the SA U17 team.  All four of these boys are currently in the Jeppe 1st team.


Coaching Structures


We believe Jeppe currently has one of the best coaching structures of any school in South Africa. In 2017, our coaching structure includes:


  • The U14 division is headed by Bryan Hillock, current Chairman of Gauteng Schools hockey and Southern Gauteng boys hockey. Bryan is also a previous coach of the Southern Gauteng U14A provincial team as well as the former convenor of selectors for the Southern Gauteng U13 team and has appointed Southern Gauteng U13A coach for 2018.  Hillock teaches Afrikaans at Jeppe and is senior housemaster in Sable Boarding House.


  • Dale Jackson, a deputy headmaster and former SA Schools and men’s provincial player assists the hockey division with recruitment, strategic direction and as manager of the 1st Mr. Jackson is a Chartered Accountant by profession who completed his PGCE and teaches Accounting and Business Studies.
  • Pete De Lange, a former National mens player and succesful coach at Wanderers Hockey Club will assist with the U16A, 2nd XI and 1st XI as manager.



  • Mike Bechet who joined us at the beginning of 2015 from Maritzburg College heads up the U16 division. Bechet is a former national men’s selector and is a current U18 SA selector.  Mr. Bechet has more than 35 years of experience coaching at 1st Team, U18 provincial and U18 national level.  He is the most well-known and successful school boy hockey coach in the country.


  • Lance Louw is our 1st team coach and current international player. Lance, a Parktown Old Boy, also coaches the University of Johannesburg 2nd side and ladies 1st side, which recently won the Varsity Cup and was also a key member of the Southern Gauteng men’s team that won the recent IPT.


Facilities and Infrastructure


The Astroturf was relaid in 2011 and is a fantastic surface. All boys have access to the turf with A and B teams having a minimum of two practices per week on the Astro. The hostel boys also have access to the Astroturf when it is not being used for practices or matches.


In addition, Jeppe Quondam, who have won the men’s premier league more than any other non-university side in the past 30 years, currently play in the Premier league and so Jeppe schoolboys are exposed to premier league hockey from a very early age whilst still in school. In addition, Quondam practice at the school once a week and so the schoolboys are able to learn from provincial and national players on a regular basis.


Teams and Tours


Jeppe currently fields 15 hockey teams and with the growth in the sport at the younger age groups this is expected to grow even further. Each team is allocated a coach and formal fixtures are arranged. Each team plays a minimum of 15 games per season.


In addition, Jeppe is a core school of the annual Nomads Festivals and the A teams thus regularly travel nationally and play against the top schoolboy teams in South Africa. We also occasionally host touring teams from abroad during the season.


There is an annual away fixture against either Westville or Northwood High School which every hockey player participates in, thus giving even boys in the lower teams the opportunity to go on a tour each year.

Our U16B, C, 2nds and U14B teams all tour every year.  Further proof of how we give great opportunities here at Jeppe.




Hockey is a fantastic sport that can be played for many years after school and which can form the foundation for lifelong friendships. It is one of Jeppe’s most successful sports and caters for the “social” as well as provincial player from a facilities, coaching and enjoyment perspective.


We look forward to welcoming you into the Black and White family and seeing you on the Astro.




Hockey Results
Jeppe Vs St Benedicts – Home And Away
Friday 04 And Saturday 05 May 2018
Team Result Score
1sts Won 5-2
2nds Won 2-0
3rds Won 3-1
4ths Won 1-0
5ths Won 8-0
U16A Won 5-1
U16B Won 6-1
U16C Won 7-1
U16D Won 6-0
U16E Won 3-0
U16F Won 2-0
U14A Won 4-0
U14B Won 2-1
U14C Drew 0-0
U14D Won 2-0
Games Played – 15
Won – 14
Drew – 1
Lost – 0



Vs Beaulieu College 2nd team Won 3-0

Vs Dainfern College 1st team Won 3-1

Vs Jim Fouche HS 1st team Lost 1-2

Vs Northern Cape 1st team Lost 1-2



Jeppe 1st Team – Aitken Trophy (A Section)
Friday 11 May To Sunday 13 May 2018
Opposition Match Result Score
Parktown Boys Hs Pool Game Won 5-1
Trinity House Pool Game Won 2-1
Krugersdorp Hs Pool Game Won 3-0
St Benedicts College Quarter Final Won 4-1
St Johns College Semi Final Won 3-2
Beaulieu College Final Won 5-0
Jeppe 2nd Team – Aitken Trophy (D Section)
Friday 11 May To Sunday 13 May 2018
Opposition Match Result Score
Pecanwood College Pool Game Won 8-0
Kings College Pool Game Won 14-0
Roodepoort Hs Pool Game Won 5-0
Reddam House Quarter Final Won 20-0
Roodepoort Hs Semi Final Won 15-0
St Johns College Final Lost 1-2


Jeppe U16A Team – Top 8 Trophy
Friday 11 May To Sunday 13 May 2018
Opposition Match Result Score
Parktown Boys HS Pool Game Won 2-1
St Davids Marist Pool Game Won 3-0
Helpmekaar HS Pool Game Won 12-0
St Johns College Semi Final Won ‘5-2
KES Final Lost ‘1-2
Jeppe U15A Team – Boden Trophy
Friday 11 May To Sunday 13 May 2018
Opposition Match Result Score
Noordheuwel HS Pool Game Won 2-0
Sicelo Dev. Pool Game Won 8-0
Maragon Pool Game Won 5-0
St Benedicts Q/Final Won 7-0
Krugersdorp HS Semi Final Won 3-0
KES Final Lost 1-1 (3-4 Penalties)
Jeppe Vs St Stithians – Away
Saturday 19 May 2018
Team Result Score
1sts Won 3-0
2nds Won 3-0
3rds Won 3-0
4ths Won 10-0
U16A Won 6-0
U16B Won 5-0
U16C Won 4-0
U16D Won 2-0
U16E Won 1-0
U16F Won 2-1
U14A Won 5-0
U14B Lost 0-1
U14C Lost 0-1
Games Played – 15
Won – 11
Drew – 0
Lost – 2
Jeppe Vs Affies – Home
Saturday 26 May 2018
Team Result Score
1sts Won 2-0
2nds Drew 2-2
3rds Won 3-1
4ths Lost 1-2
5ths Lost 0-1
U16A Won 5-0
U16B Won 1-0
U16C Won 2-0
U16D Lost 2-4
U16E Lost 0-8
U16F Lost 0-2
U14A Won 2-0
U14B Lost 1-6
U14C Lost 0-5
U14D Lost 0-3
Games Played – 15
Won – 6
Drew – 1
Lost – 8


Jeppe Vs Pretoria Boys – Away
Saturday 02 June 2018
Team Result Score Team Result Score
1sts Drew 2-2 U14A Won 2-0
2nds Won 2-1 U14B Drew 1-1
3rds Won 1-0 U14C Won 1-0
4ths Won 1-0 U14D Lost 0-5
5ths Lost 1-2
U16A Won 2-0 Games Played – 15
U16B Drew 2-2 Won – 7
U16C Lost 0-1 Drew – 3
U16D Won 1-0 Lost – 5
U16E Lost 0-2 Goals Scored – 16
U16F Lost 0-5 Goals Against – 21



Jeppe Vs KES – Away And Home
Saturday 14 April 2018
Team Result Score
1sts Drew 2-2
2nds Lost 0-1
3rds Won 3-0
4ths Drew 1-1
5ths Won 2-1
U16A Won 2-0
U16B Drew 1-1
U16C Drew 0-0
U16D Won 3-2
U16E Lost 0-7
U16F Lost 0-3
U14A Won 2-1
U14B Lost 0-2
U14C Lost 0-1
U14D Lost 0-2
Games Played – 15
Won – 5
Drew – 4
Lost – 6
Jeppe Vs Westville – Home
Friday 20 And Saturday 21 April 2018
Team Result Score
1sts Won 2-1
2nds Won 2-1
3rds Won 4-2
4ths Won ‘3-1
5ths Lost 1-2
U16A Won 5-0
U16B Won 1-0
U16C Drew 1-1
U16D Drew 1-1
U16E Won 2-1
U16F Drew 1-1
U14A Lost 1-2
U14B Lost 0-10
U14C Lost 0-5
U14D Lost 0-9
U14E Lost 2-3
Games Played – 16
Won – 7
Drew – 3
Lost – 6


Results Of The Holiday Festivals
Wednesday 28 March 2018 To Monday 09 April 2018
1st Team At KES Festival U16A Team At Nomads Fest
Vs Eldoraigne Won 5–0 Vs Grey High Drew 1–1
Vs DHS Won 1–0 Vs Maritzburg Drew 2–2
Vs Paarl Boys Won 3–0 Vs St Andrews Won 6–1
Vs Kearsney Drew 1–1 Vs Hilton Won 3–1
Vs Northwood Drew 1–1 Vs Wynberg Won 4–2
1st Team At Nomads Festival U16B Team At Jeppe Fest
Vs Grey High Drew 1–1 Vs Crawford Won 3-0
Vs Maritzburg Drew 2–2 Vs Reddam Won 6–0
Vs St Albans Won 4–0 Vs Westville Won 5–0
Vs Hilton Drew 1–1 Vs Northwood Won 9–0
Vs Wynberg Won 2–0 Vs Clifton Won 4–0
U16C Team At The EC Fest
Vs Jim Fouche 1sts Lost 1–0
Vs Sentraal 1sts Lost 3–0
Vs EG Jansen 1sts Won 1–0
Vs Dr Malan 1sts Lost 3–0
Vs Oos Moot 1sts Won 2–0
Vs Rob Ferreira 1sts Lost 1–0
Vs Oos Moot 1sts Lost 1–0
U14A Team At Parktown Fest
Vs Cornwall Won 4–0
Vs Trinity Won 5–0
Vs St Stithians Won 2–0
Vs St Johns Won 2–0
U14A At Nomads Festival
Vs KES Won 3–0
Vs Wynberg Won 2–0
Vs Hilton Lost 3–2
Vs Maritzburg Drew 0–0
Vs Grey College Drew 1–1


Friday 16 & Saturday 17 March 2018
1STS Drew 2-2
2NDS Drew 1-1
3RDS Won 1-0
4THS Won 1-0
U16A Won 5-0
U16B Won 4-3
U16C Drew 1-1
U16D Won 3-0
U16E Lost 0-4
U16F Won 1-0
U14A Won 4-0
U14B Won 2-1
U14C Lost 0-2
U14D Lost 0-2
U14E Won 7-0
Games Played – 15
Won – 9
Lost – 3
Drew – 3
Saturday 24 March 2018
1STS Won 5-1
2NDS Drew 1-1
3RDS Drew 1-1
4THS Won 2-1
5THS Lost 0-2
U16A Won 10-0
U16B Won 6-0
U16C Won 3-2
U16D Drew 1-1
U16E Won 2-1
U16F Won 1-0
U14A Won 4-2
U14B Won 1-0
U14C Won 4-1
U14D Won 2-0
Games Played – 15
Won – 11
Lost – 1
Drew – 3

2017 Hockey Results