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MIC of Orienteering:
Mr. Robert Faltermeier

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Orienteering is a summer sport and takes place in the 1st and 4th terms.

Mr Carl Holmes
Mr Brodrick Pahl

The first question that is normally asked is What is Orienteering? Orienteering has its roots in the forests of Scandinavia, where orienteering events were held at the end of the 19th century as part of military training. Orienteering was subsequently formalised, and the sport, as defined by the International Orienteering Federation, was introduced into South Africa in 1981.

Having only introduced the sport in 2014, Orienteering is a fairly new sport at Jeppe, which is run during the 1st and 2nd terms. Over the years, the number of boys participating in Orienteering has grown significantly and the sport is now ever-increasingly popular. Jeppe is very proud to have a nationally trained coach for the Orienteering team, Carl Holmes, who also happens to be an old boy of the school.

Orienteering is a sport in which the competitor, aided only by map and compass, locates a number of features, termed “controls”, marked in the terrain and on the map. This sport tests the athletic, map-reading and navigational skills of the competitor and participants have to compete against the clock. With over 200 competitors participating in each event, Jeppe is able to compete not only with some of our traditional boys school rivals, but also against co-ed schools.

Competitors usually take part on foot (though separate competitions may be organised for people with disabilities) or using modes of transport such as skis or bicycles. Competitors take part singly and independently, unless entered as pairs or groups in competitions that permit such entries.