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2018 Rugby Information

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We move the ball away from pressure as quickly as possible, we run at gaps – not at people – and we create gaps by keeping the ball moving and moving wide.


Jeppe boys are not frightened to play attacking rugby. Some may call it high risk rugby, and maybe it is, if you do not have the skills. We are fortunate that from Grade 8, our boys are taught the skills of the game, and also how to think strategically. As a rule, Jeppe does not play “drilled” rugby; we play “free-thinking” rugby.


When it comes time for a boy to leave Jeppe, our hope is that he leaves with fire in his soul, not hardened clay. We hope that he is more than just competent. We want the boys that we educate to be poets, not merely journeymen.

Therefore, although the coaches obviously focus on giving the players the necessary skills, they also go beyond these skills to encourage their players to be free thinkers: uninhibited but controlled; exciting and different, but not foolish.




The Winter sport at Jeppe for many years was Soccer. But in 1935, along with many other schools, Jeppe switched codes and played its first match against KES, the school that remains Jeppe’s most serious Rugby rival. Like most English medium schools in the old Transvaal, Jeppe did not take part in competition for the Administrator’s Cup and resisted pressure to do so. But it certainly did not lack exciting and demanding fixtures.


Jeppe High School for Boys has a proud rugby tradition.  Sportsmanship is something that is always stressed and results throughout the divisions are consistently good.  An unbeaten junior team is a common occurrence, but the Jeppe 1st XVs have only had three unbeaten teams – in 1954, 1959 and 1967 – although in many years the 1st team have lost only one match in the season.


Since Jeppe began playing Rugby, fixtures have been against other boys’ schools such as King Edward VII School, Pretoria Boys High School, Parktown Boys High School, St Benedict’s College, St John’s College, and St Stithian’s College.  Affies, Waterkloof, St Albans, Westville, Northwood, Helpmekaar and Monument are fixtures that have been added in more recent years.


Famous players


The following Jeppe Old Boys have played Rugby for South Africa:

  • Des Sinclair and Wilf Rosenberg, both centres and contemporaries in the Springbok team.
  • James Dalton and Brent Moyle, contemporaries in the Jeppe front row.
  • Jake White, who led the South African team to victory in the 2007 World Cup, was a learner and master at Jeppe  and is certainly Jeppe’s most famous international rugby “star”.

In recent years:

  • Denzil Hill and S’bu Nkosi, both SA U/20 (2016)
  • Hacjivah Dayimani (2015), Wandisile Simelane (2015/16) and Tyrone Green (2016), all represented SA Schools. Hacjivah was also part of the SA Schools 7’s team that won gold at the Common Wealth Games in 2015.



Jeppe Vs Pretoria Boys – Away
Saturday 02 June 2018
Team Result Score Team Result Score
1sts Won 36-12 U15A Won 24-20
2nds Won 57-27 U15B Lost 5-14
3rds Won 31-17 U15C Lost 12-24
4ths Lost 19-33 U15D Lost 20-24
5ths Lost 5-50 U15E Lost 17-19
U16A Won 60-20 U14A Won 58-15
U16B Lost 21-22 U14B Won 48-0
U16C Won 20-10 U14C Won 43-19
U16D Drew 12-12 U14D Won 38-29
U16E Won 47-24 U14E Won 32-22
Games Played – 20 Drew – 1
Won – 12 Lost – 7


Jeppe Vs St Stithians – Away
Saturday 19 May 2018
Team Result Score
1sts Won 47-31
2nds Won 52-26
3rds Won 68-27
4ths Won 61-5
5ths Lost 5-19
6ths Won 29-5
U16A Won 66-19
U16B Won 84-7
U16C Won 70-0
U16D/E Won 38-0 Vs St Benedicts U16C
U15A Won 20-12
U15B Won 67-0
U15C Won 27-3
U15D/E Won 10-5 Vs St Davids U15C
U14A Won 64-0
U14B Lost 12-17
U14C Won 43-12
U14D/E Won 12-5 Vs Parktown U14C
Games Played – 18
Won – 16
Drew – 0
Lost – 2
Jeppe Vs Affies – Home
Saturday 26 May 2018
Team Result Score
1sts Lost 41-45
2nds Won 25-22
3rds Lost 15-35
4ths Lost 5-31
5ths Lost 3-45
6ths Lost 0-37
U16A Drew 29-29
U16B Lost 5-22
U16C Lost 0-20
U16D/E Lost 0-31
U16E Lost 3-35
U15A Lost 0-47
U15B Lost 7-60
U15C Lost 0-60
U15D Lost 0-57
U15E Lost 12-47
U14A Lost 8-38
U14B Lost 7-43
U14C Lost 0-66
U14D Lost 0-75
U14E Lost 0-37


Saturday 05 May 2018
Team Opposition Result Score
1sts St Benedicts 1sts Won 63-12
2nds St Benedicts 2nds Won 67-3
3rds Benoni 1sts Lost 14-17
4ths St Benedicts 3rds Won 32-10
5ths St Benedicts 4ths Won 19-17
6ths Benoni 3rds Lost 19-20
U16A St Benedicts U16A Won 57-24
U16B St Benedicts U16B Won 52-0
U16C Benoni U16A Lost 17-36
U16D St Benedicts U16C Won 58-5
U16E Benoni U16B Lost 14-48
U15A St Benedicts U15A Won 22-5
U15B Benoni U15A Won ’19-12
U15C Benoni U15B Won 22-10
U15D St Benedicts U15B/A Lost 7-29
U14A St Benedicts U14A Won 64-0
U14B St Benedicts U14B Won 22-0
U14C Benoni U14A Won 33-24
U14D St Benedicts U14C Won 33-7
U14E Benoni U14B Won 24-17
Jeppe Vs St David’s And Sutherland – Home And Away
Wednesday 09 May 2018
Team Opposition Result Score
3rds St David’s 2nds Won 50-5
4ths St David’s 3rds Won 48-5
5ths St David’s 4ths Won 33-0
U16C St David’s U16B Won 24-5
U16D Sutherland U16B Lost 17-27
U16E Sutherland U16C Won 24-20
U15A St David’s U15A Won 35-7
U15B St David’s U15B Won 38-15
U15C Sutherland U15B Won 26-19
U15D St David’s U15C Won 26-14
U15E Sutherland U15C Lost 17-29
U14B St David’s U14A Won ’33-17
U14C St David’s U14B Won 33-7
U14D Sutherland U14A Lost 7-33
U14E Sutherland U14C Won 22-5


1st XV And U16A Teams – Grey High School Festival
28 – 30 April 2018
Team Opposition Result Score Team Opposition Result Score
1sts Dale College Won 12-10 U16A Brandwag Won 32-15
1sts Selborne College Lost 19-3 U16A Selborne College Lost 10-22


Jeppe Vs KES – Away
Saturday 14 April 2018
Team Result Score
1sts Won 24-21
2nds Drew 13-13
3rds Lost 22-29
4ths Won 12-10
5ths Lost 0-26
6ths Lost 0-12
7ths Lost 0-28
U16A Won 38-17
U16B Lost 5-7
U16C Lost 11-17
U16D Lost 0-14
U16E Lost 13-22
U15A Lost 12-15
U15B Lost 0-43
U15C Lost 7-17
U15D Lost 012
U15E Lost 0-45
U14A Lost 7-34
U14B Lost 0-49
U14C Lost 14-45
U14D Lost 0-27
U14E Lost 7-34
Games Played – 22
Won – 3
Drew – 1
Lost – 18
Jeppe Vs Westville Boys – Home
Saturday 21 April 2018
Team Result Score
1sts Won 59-32
2nds Won 48-17
3rds Won 32-3
4ths Won 15-7
5ths Won 17-5
6ths Lost 10-19
U16A Lost 12-18
U16B Lost 10-22
U16C Lost 14-17
U16D Won 13-7
U16E Won 12-6
U15A Lost 10-15
U15B Lost 7-20
U15C Won 12-10
U15D Won ’12-7
U15E Lost 0-30
U14A Won 17-5
U14B Lost 5-49
U14C Lost 14-29
U14D Lost 0-22
U14E Lost 5-25
Games Played – 21
Won – 10
Drew – 0
Lost – 11
Jeppe Vs Kings High School (New Zealand) – Home
Wednesday 18 April 2018
Jeppe Team Opposition Result Score
U15A Kings U16/U15 Lost 5-15
Jeppe Vs Northcliff – Away
Wednesday 18 April 2018
Jeppe Team Opposition Result Score
4ths Northcliff 2nds Won 42-12
5ths Northcliff 3rds Won 24-5
U16C Northcliff U16B Won 15-12
U15C Northcliff U15B Won 45-0
U14E Northcliff U14B Lost 7-12


Results Of The Holiday Festivals
Wednesday 28 March 2018 To Monday 09 April 2018
1st Team At KES Festival U16A Team At Jeppe/Rhino Festival
Vs Ben Vorster Won 29-26 Vs Bishops Lost 43-10
Vs Marlow Landbou Won 21-13 Vs Grey Hs (PE) Won 14-7
Vs Hudson Park Won 36-12 Vs Die Anker Won 57-5
U15B/C Team At Edenvale Mad Festival U14A Team At Parktown Festival
Vs Edenvale U15A Lost 5-15 Vs Michaelhouse Won 52-5
Vs Mondeor U15A Won 15-5 Vs Helpmekaar Lost 0-12
Vs Edenvale U15B Won 19-0 Vs Parktown Won 35-0
Vs Hyde Park U15A Won No Show Vs St Stithians Won 38-7
Vs Edenvale U15B Won 22-0
Vs Edenvale U15A Lost 5-17


U15A Team At Affies/Francois Swart Festival
Vs Ligbron Lost 15-19
Vs Helpmekaar Lost 15-19
Vs Zwartkop Lost 17-27
U14A Team At Glenwood Festival
Vs Grey College U14B Drew 26-26
Vs Glenwood Won 26-19


Tuesday 27 March 2018
3RDS Northcliff 1sts WON 15-7
4THS Benoni 2nds WON 7-5
5THS Benoni 3rds LOST 10-17
U16B Benoni U16a WON 42-12
U16C Northcliff U16b WON 17-12
U16D Queens U16a LOST 25-29
U16E Queens U16A/B Composite LOST 3-30
U15D Northcliff U15b LOST 19-22
U15E Benoni U15b LOST 0-38
U14C Benoni U14a WON 22-0
U14D Northcliff U14b WON 54-17
U14E Benoni U14b WON 26-0


Saturday 24 March 2018
1STS Won 33-27
2NDS Won 64-0
3RDS Won 22-21
4THS Won 39-5 Northcliff 3rds
5THS Lost 5-7 St Albans 4ths
6THS Won 43-35 PBHS 8ths
7THS Won 35-7 St Albans 5ths
U16A Won 74-5
U16B Won 54-7
U15A Won 14-0
U15B Won 41-3
U15D Won 25-7 St Albans U15C
U14A Won 38-8
U14B Won 46-0
U14C Lost 5-30 Zwartkop U14/U15 B&C
U14D Won 24-7
U14E DNP Sutherland U14C
Games Played – 16
Won – 14
Lost – 2


Saturday 17 March 2018
1STS Won 32-9
2NDS Won 31-13
3RDS Won 15-0
4THS Won 8-0
5THS No Result 0-10 Down Game cancelled for lightning
6THS Won 43-5
U16A Won 19-0
U16B Won 31-0
U16C Drew 0-0 Northcliff U16B
U16D Won 48-7 Sutherland U16C
U16E Won 19-12 St John’s U16C
U15A Lost 10-22
U15B No Result 12-5 UP Game cancelled for lightning
U15C Won 28-7
U15D Won 29-19 Sutherland U15C
U15E Game Abandoned Time Mix-Up
U14A No Result 14-3 UP Game cancelled for lightning
U14B Lost 7-22
U14D Lost 0-24
U14E Won 24-10 Sutherland U14C
Games Played – 21
Won – 12
Lost – 3
Drew – 1
Abandoned – 5


Wednesday 14 March 2018
Team Opposition Result Score Team Opposition Result Score
1STS Kempton Park (Loftus Day) Won 35-5 U15A Kempton Park U15A Lost 5-15
2NDS Kempton Park 2nds Drew 33-33 U15B Hans Moore U15A Lost 0-24
3RDS Hans Moore 1sts Lost 3-17 U15C Kempton Park U15B Lost 7-21
4THS Kempton Park 3rds Won 19-17 U15D Hans Moore U15B Lost 7-12
5THS Hans Moore 2nds Lost 0-14 U15E Parktown U15B/C Lost 12-54
6THS Parktown Boys 4ths Won 43-33
U16A Kempton Park U16A Won 14-7 U14A Kempton Park U14A Won 28-0
U16B Hans Moore U16A Drew 0-0 U14B Hans Moore U14A Lost 7-14
U16C Kempton Park U16B Lost 0-27 U14C Kempton Park U14B Won 21-10
U16D Hans Moore U16B Lost 10-17 U14D Hans Moore U14B Lost 0-22
U16E Parktown Boys U16C Lost 5-24 U14E Parktown U14C Lost 0-15

2017 Results