Jake White pays Jeppe a Visit


One of our most famous old boys, World Cup winning coach of the Springboks, Jake White, paid the school a visit on Monday.

He ran a coaching session for the 1st and under-16A teams, and then conducted a coaching masterclass for the Jeppe coaches in the Watson pavilion.

For the boys, it was a taste of what practice is like for the professional players. They were taken through a dynamic, punishing drill in which they were shown how to defend in different places on the field, and how to vary their point and method of attack.

There’s no doubt that, after just one and half hours in Jake White’s presence, they came away as better rugby players.

The practice was followed by a question and answer session with the Jeppe coaches in which they were given an insight into how teams are prepared at the top levels of the game and on the latest tactical developments.

Throughout the afternoon, White’s finest quality – his ability to deal with people – shone through. He had the players hanging on his every word, and was accessible and generous in his interaction with the coaches.

Above all, he showed an appreciation of the role Jeppe has played in his life and was clearly delighted to be giving something back to the school.