101st Remembrance Day Service

The 101st Jeppe High School for Boys Armistice Day Service was held on Monday. The service was conducted by Pastor Greg Mattarelli, a former deputy head boy of the school and an ex-teacher.

It was attended by ex-servicemen, representatives of the armed forces, local schools and members of the Jeppe community.

Pastor Mattarelli spoke about the periodic rise of evil in the world, of the men and women who have stood up to it, and of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of good. His message was that although, hopefully, we will not be called to arms, we should nevertheless live lives of sacrifice and stand up for good.

The remarkable story of Jeppe old boy Robert George Hamilton who died heroically during the Warsaw uprising was recounted. Headmaster Dale Jackson read out the names of the 33 Jeppe old boys and teachers who died in World War I; the 137 who perished in World War II and the three who have died in conflicts since then.

The proceedings concluded with the laying of wreaths at the school’s War Memorial.