1st Aid squad wins provincial title

The Jeppe Emergency Medical Care Club continued its dominance of the Provincial Interschools First Aid competition by winning the senior division and coming 1st and 2nd in the juniors last weekend.

The school entered three teams in the novice division two in the junior and one in the senior.

The Jeppe High School for Girls First Aid club is closely associated with the boys – they train together – and they came second in the seniors and third in the juniors, making it pretty much a black and white clean sweep.

Grade eight boy Archille Ishmael also came first in the theoretical exam that the leaners who don’t make it into the final write.

Mr Richard Green, master in charge of the activity, explained that the interschool competition consists of a classroom exercise elimination round followed by a simulation round in which the top three teams have to respond to a pretty realistic scenario that has been set up outside.

“In this case, the scenario was that of an old homeless who man spent a cold winter’s night outdoors and is suffering from hypothermia and frostbite. The teams have to respond and are marked on their assessment, systems, procedures and actions. Our senior team did all of those things way better than the other finalists,” Mr Green said.

The secret to Jeppe’s success, Mr Green believes, is that the club does not just operate on a theoretical level. “We are on duty all day, every day and in a school like Jeppe with its high number of boarders, non-stop activities and complex campus, there are often incidents that we have to deal with. So the boys go into the competition having seen many of the scenarios painted before, in real life.”

At that stage of our chat with him, as if to prove his point, a call went out on the intercom for him, and some first aiders to come down to the front office for an emergency.
When Mr Green got there most of the senior team were already there and they attended to the problem – a serious knee injury – and got the boy stabilised and off to hospital by ambulance, before he came back to finish our conversation.

Which was to tell us that Jeppe has now won the competition’s Chris Hart Trophy, named after a former teacher at the school, every year since 2014, except for last year when they didn’t enter and Jeppe Girls won it.

Emergency care is clearly alive and well at Jeppe, in the competition arena, and and also out in the real world, where it really counts.