A full house for Abdullah


Work steadily throughout the year instead of cramming it all in at the end. That’s supposed to be the secret of academic success, and while some may question that method, it certainly has worked for Abdullah Bemath.

He got a full house – eight distinctions – in the 2018 matric examinations, the best results in a Jeppe grade 12 group that had quite a number of academic whizkids in its ranks and which produced an excellent set of matric results.

“I can honestly say that I never had put in all-nighters before I wrote exams,” Abdullah said. “My secret, I guess, was to handle each section of work as soon as it was completed. I made sure I grasped in completely and that meant I only needed to go over it briefly ahead of the exam.”

When asked how much time he spent at his books, he couldn’t really answer. “I tended to do what had to be done and spent enough time to do that,” he said. “In quieter times I was able to relax.”

Abdullah has been among the top three scholars in the year for most of his high school career. “I dropped back a bit in grades 9 and 10, but focussed in my last two years. Still, I never expected a full house, English was always a challenge. But my teacher helped and I put in an extra effort, I’m delighted at the result.”

Clearly, Abdullah’s focus was academics but he found time for other pursuits. At school he was part of the E-sports club and played chess and outside of school he is an accomplished archer. “I’m part of a club in Kempton Park and I usually finish in the top three in archery competitions.”

Looking back, Abdullah said he had a good five years at Jeppe High School for Boys. “I was happy here. The teachers were obviously good and I made a lot of friends. I especially appreciate the efforts the school made to accommodate my religious beliefs and practices.”

His next step hasn’t been finally decided. He was notified that he has been accepted into Wits Medical School on the day that the results came out, but he is also looking at doing Mechanical Engineering.

“It’s decision time, but I have a few days to make up my mind,” he said.

Either way, there’s a successful academic career on the cards for one of our brightest shining academic stars.