A full house of seven for modest Josh

Josh Zanninello was brought up to be modest about his achievements, so he found it quite difficult to talk about the incredible seven distinctions he achieved in the 2020 matric exams.

“In my family we speak about excellence in silence,” he said. “You go out to do the best you can and if you achieve, you thank those around you, and then you keep quiet. You never brag,” he said

.Having said that, he was quite confident about getting a full house of distinctions. “I did get seven distinctions in the prelims and although I was a little worried about English after the exams, it turned out OK and I am very happy

.He believes the school has played a major role in his success. “I have learnt to be humble. The values that are taught at the school are all about staying grounded and that fits in with my philosophy of excellence in silence.”

Josh believes the secret to his academic success has been his determination. “You have to apply yourself and stick to your goals, no matter what,” he said. “You put any setbacks and disappointments aside and keep on going.”

One disappointment for him was that there was no soccer season in 2020. “I love soccer and I played in the school’s A team throughout the age groups,” he said. “I would probably have been in the first team last year, so that was a pity.”

Josh has been accepted to study Accounting Sciences at Tukkies this year, with the intention of becoming a CA.