A good day for Jeppe against St Alban’s

The second winter sports fixture of the season was played against St Alban’s last weekend and represented, above all, what can be done when two schools decide, in the interests of their boys, that every effort should be taken to go ahead with fixtures even when everyone else is calling theirs off.

The continuous rain on Wednesday and Thursday last week left fields waterlogged and all the other schools in town cancelled their Saturday games. Jeppe and St Alban’s decided to hold off the decision as late as possible and when it looked, on Friday afternoon, as if it was clearing up, they took the chance and announced they were going ahead.

Luckily, the rain held off and the games were played with no disruptions.

It was a good day for Jeppe. They won all the rugby games against St Alban’s and lost just one of the hockey games. The fixture was played in a good spirit and the day concluded with a nail-biting 1st team rugby game in which Jeppe had to dig deep in the second half to win 33-27 after trailing 27-12 at half time.


1st 33-27, 2nds 64-0, 3rds 22-21 4th 39-5 (v Northcliff 3rd), 5ths lost 5-7 (v St Albans 4ths), 6ths 43-35 (v PBHS 8th), 7ths 35-7 (v St Alban’s 5th).

U-16A 74-5, U-16B 54-7.

U-15A 14-0, U-15B won 41-3. U-15D 25-7 (v St Alban’s U-15C).

U-14A 38-8, U-14B 46-0, U-14C 5-30 (v HS Zwartkop U-14/U-15 B & C mixed side), U-14D 24-7.


1st 5-1, 2nd 1-1, 3rd 1-1, 4th 2-1, 5th 2-0.

U-16A 10-0, U-16B 6-0. U-16C 3-2, U-16D 1-1, U-16E 2-1, U-016F 1-0.

U-14A 4-2, U-14B 1-0, U-14C 4-1, U14D 2-0.

Played 15. Won 11. Drew 3. Lost 1.