A month in Germany for David Newton



David Newton won’t be home for Christmas this year, and that’s fine with him, he says.

Instead, he’ll be spending the whole of December in Germany, at a destination still to be decided, on a FSA Youth Exchange programme.

“So I’ll miss a family Christmas, but Germany is going to be amazing and I’m already super excited about what I’m going to see and experience,” he says.

He was selected as one of 70 South African pupils who will be making the trip, out of 160 applicants, and he only just made it, he says. “I found out about it on my LO class WhatsApp group and got my entry in to Mr Riskowitz with literally a day to go before the closing date.”

Then there were letters to write, and essays and a test and the upshot was that David came 40th out of the applicants, 12th in the province, and he is about to embark on what he believes will be the trip of a lifetime.

It’s been a good month for David. He was appointed a school prefect, and is elated about that, he says. And, on a lighter note, he is the new ringmaster for the Hamleys toy shops and will be doing the announcing at their parades, with the Jeppe pipe band providing the music.

“I live just down the road, and my brother also came to Jeppe, so there was never any doubt that I was going to come to this school. I’ve never regretted it, it’s been a great four years, with one more good one to come.

Before then, however, it will be Christmas in Germany for David Newton and he’s looking forward to that.