Aaron’s riding ahead


Aaron Heynecke is on track to win the leader’s jersey in the Spur Mountain bike series again this year. There are two races left, and having won all his earlier ones, he should go through to the series’ national championships at Bekker School in October with the Youth 16 red leader’s jersey on his shoulders.

Aaron is part of the Jeppe mountain bike team that is currently lying 11th in the league standings, just outside the cut-off to compete as a team in the Spur Series nationals, and there’s still a chance that they can qualify.

“We have improved so much since last year,” he said. “Now if we can lift our performance for these last two meetings we can go to the nationals as a team.” Aaron will be going as an individual rider.

He also rode in the national SA Cup series and came third in the national championships.

It’s only the third year that the school has been entering a team in the league and this was the first time that mountain biking is an official sport. The team has grown from five to 15 riders and Mr Fabio Matteucci has been appointed to look after them.

“It’s been great having Mr Matteucci onboard,” Aaron said. “He is a cyclist himself, so he understands the sport and he takes an interest in us. Having a teacher involved means the sport is well organised now.”

Mountain biking is clearly on the up at Jeppe and Aaron Heynecke is a great ambassador for Jeppe.