Mr. A.H. Childe – 1937 – 1943


Childe’s Jeppe

Cricket flourished. A turf wicket was put down and other improvements made. In 1938, Athol Rowan scored 1 200 runs with an average of 171.28 and took 46 wickets as a cost of 7.71 runs each.

Mr. A.H. Childe
Mr. A.H. Childe

The standard of rugby was improved, although in 1939 Jeppe teams lost 10 matches in one week to King Edward VII School.

Many of the long-serving staff died or retired in 1937, bringing the England-born staff down form 100% to 12%. In 1938, Mr St J.B. Nitch left the staff to open Highland North High School, and later to become Headmaster of King Edward VII School. Miss Cummins died, having handed the Girls’ School over the Miss Mary McLarty in 1930. In 1939, Mr W.F. Candy retired. He had edited the School Magazine for 25 years.

In 1940, ten masters left on active service. Jeppe was now feeling the impact of a third war. The Governing Body then stepped in and prevented any more from joining up. Five ladies joined the staff.

137 Old Boys and two masters, Dashwood and Von Linsingen, died in action.

In 1943, Mr Childe retired, and was succeeded by Mr A.J. Grant.