Mr. H.N. Beckwith – 1963 – 1966


Beckwith’s Jeppe
Mr. H.N. Beckwith
Mr. H.N. Beckwith

Mr A.J. Grant retired on 29 June 1962, and Mr Arthur Greig-Gass (M.Sc) was appointed Acting Headmaster. Mr Greig-Gass had served with distinction as the Senior Mathematics teacher, Senior Housemaster of Oribi House, and Vice-Principal. The School was fortunate to have a man of Mr Greig-Gass’s calibre. His loyalty was unquestioned, his attention to detail and the maintenance of standards were summed up by his often-repeated exhortation to the boys: “Whatever you do, do it well”.

Mr Beckwith was appointed Headmaster in January 1963. He came to rely heavily on his Vice-Principals, Mr. Greig-Gass and Mr Ivor Schoeman, because he became ill with cancer shortly after his appointment.

Mr. R.S. Jones wrote this tribute to Mr Beckwith on his passing: “Mr H.N. Beckwith was one of the keenest cricket lovers that I have ever known. His knowledge of things connected with cricket was phenomenal, and he could reminisce for hours about famous cricketers. He has a wealth of amusing and interesting stories to tell about bowler and batsman alike, and he could recount details about matches that most people had forgotten many years ago.

“Much of this enthusiasm for the great game he was able to infuse into the teams under his charge, and it was truly a tragedy that, at the time when cricket in our School most needed his help and inspiration, ill-health should strike him down. It is indeed fitting that the School’s Cricket Week in December should from now on be known as “The H.N. Beckwith Cricket Week”.

“There is no-one with a love for the game who will not mourn the loss of one to whom it meant so much, and who still had so much to contribute to it.”