Insurance Plan

Details of Jeppe High School for Boys Medical Insurance Cover for learners participating in sport.

The following document summarises the nature of the medical cover available for Jeppe High School for Boys learners who are participating in Jeppe related sports events.

Unlike most other schools (e.g. KES), Jeppe have self-funded a medical policy, at no direct cost to the boys or parents, underwritten by Marsh, which covers boys who are injured whilst representing the school in a sporting fixture or practice.

In essence, the policy will cover all boys who do not have medical cover, up to a value of R20,000 per incident (there are additional benefits such as permanent disability benefits but these will only ever be accessed in very isolated instances). Once the R20,000 has been exhausted, the boy will be transferred to a state medical facility.

It is important to note that the policy EXCLUDES the following:

  • Boys who have their own medical aid cover, either individually or as part of their parent’s cover
  • Any pre-existing condition
  • Any non-trauma related incidents (e.g. it will not cover physiotherapy for a minor injury)
  • Injuries whilst playing sport but not representing Jeppe (e.g. provincial sport). In such cases, the relevant provincial body should have their own cover and this is not the school’s responsibility.
  • Non-sports injuries
  • The policy does not cover the cost of an ambulance and the School will have to cover the cost of an ambulance separately. An ambulance should thus only be summoned in extreme cases.

Please also note that as per all insurance policies, the School is liable for an “excess”. Where possible, this will be charged to the parents.

In order to ensure our premium is not inflated, and the school does not bear the costs of the excess payments, we request that coaches use your discretion when utilising this service and first consult with your MIC before doing so.

As stated above, the policy only covers sports related injuries. The School is in the process of obtaining quotes for boys injured whilst in hostel, whilst on the school premises (but not playing sport) and boys injured whilst on school organised academic tours within South Africa.


If a boy in your team is injured, you should do the following:

  • At the beginning of the season, ascertain whether the boys in your team have private medical cover or not and which medical policy (and policy number) the boys are on as well as the contact details of all parents (i.e. the school indemnity form should be completed)
  • If the boy has private medical cover and is injured, inform his parents and provide the necessary hospital / doctors with the details of the cover.
  • If the boy has no medical cover, you can then access the cover provided by this policy. To do so, go to any one of the following hospitals:

Linksfield Hospital

Life Bedford Gardens Hospital

Rosebank Clinic

Edenvale Hospital

Jeppe has confirmation from each of the above hospitals that boys will be accepted into the hospital and R20,000 cover provided. Attached is the cover letter from Marsh informing them about the policy details as well as confirmation letters from representatives of the above hospitals. Please ensure that you carry copies of the above with you at all times.

  • Should the boy be injured whilst at an away fixture / festival outside of Johannesburg, the hospitals SHOULD also accept the terms of this policy should the cover letter from Marsh be presented and the letters from the above hospitals (which cover the major private hospital groups) be presented. If not, the person to contact at Marsh to obtain confirmation is Adri Harris whose cellphone number is on the Cover Letter.