Jeppe Old Boys Association (JBA)

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Although various forms of an Old Boy Association had existed for many years at Jeppe High School for Boys, it had become largely defunct and obsolete since the 1990’s and so, in 2009, the Jeppe High School for Boys Association (JBA) was officially formed.

The JBA is not only aimed at Jeppe Old Boys but also at members of the Jeppe family (teachers, past and current parents and the wider community) who have supported, and continue to support, Jeppe’s efforts to remain one of South Africa’s foremost government schools.

In an effort to make the JBA as inclusive as possible, membership is free and all officers donate their time and expertise without charge.

The aims of the JBA are as follows:

    • To communicate with Old Boys and members of the Jeppe family through monthly newsletters and the JBA website as to the activities, achievements, developments and progress of the School.
    • To facilitate continued interaction amongst the Old Boy network by assisting with reunions and various fundraising events.
    • To become the “business advisory” arm of the School by acting as a conduit for the School to interact with the many areas of business acumen and expertise which exist within the Jeppe family.
    • To contribute to the continued high standards of academic, sporting and cultural performances at the School and the high levels of discipline and behaviour by raising finances to support the various capital projects at the School.
    • To give underprivileged and financially disadvantaged scholars, of all races, the opportunity to attend Jeppe through the establishment and maintenance of the various Scholarship Funds.

We are proud to support Johannesburg’s oldest government boy’s school and to play our small part in continuing to turn “black and white into gold”.