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Attached below please see letter sent to old boys from Mr Jackson dated 7 April 2020 re  “Giving Back” to Old Boy Community

Letter from Headmaster, Mr. Jackson

Jeppe Golden Legacy Club   (Previously “The 100 Club”)

The 100 Club (now known as the Jeppe Golden Legacy 100 Club) has been existence in its current format since 2004 and has as its primary objective, to provide financial assistance for the continuous development and improvement of academic, sporting and school infrastructure standards at Jeppe. By being part of this revenue stream, Old Boys can contribute meaningfully to the School’s development and stay in touch with the progress the School is making.

The funds raised have historically been administered via the School (initially by Kevin Tait) and recently by the Jeppe High School for Boys Association (i.e. the Old Boys Association) and over the past few years have been utilised in one of the following areas:

  • Extra-curricular (Sport and Cultural) related activities – to assist the School in donations towards sports related facilities, equipment and resources
  • Infrastructure – to contribute towards capital projects and the upgrading and maintenance of existing School facilities.
  • Staffing of the JBA Office – contribute to the employment of full-time staff within the in JBA structures

Over the years we have signed up 350 members to the Legacy Club and the total monthly revenue is almost R75, 000. In addition, similar initiatives exist, and are contributing meaningful amounts to the School, in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

During this period, the Legacy funds have been utilised in a number of specific projects, some of which are detailed below:

  • Refurbishment of the staffroom
  • Assistance with financially underprivileged boys on school tours, colours blazers, etc
  • Installation of new projectors in a number of classrooms
  • Purchase of gym equipment at a discounted price from an Old Boy
  • Contribution to the upgrading and renovation of Oribi and Sable / Thabana boarding houses
  • Purchase of new computer equipment
  • Part-funding of the re-opening of Droste boarding house (formerly known as Roan boarding house)
  • Re-framing of annual sporting photographs throughout the school
  • Purchase of a lightning warning system for the School
  • Purchase of a sports website for the School
  • Funding of the digitisation of all annual magazines and attendance registers
  • Part-funding of the salary of full-time JBA staff
  • Assistance with the classroom renovation project
  • Improvement to the gardens at Jeppe
  • Provision of new oars for the rowing club
  • Provision of equipment and uniforms for the pipe band
  • Renovation of the main gates to the School (Sponsored by the Australian Old Boys 100 Club)
  • Restorations to the Prefab Classrooms
  • Repair to the roadway at the new Sports and Admissions offices
  • Assistance with the purchase and restoration of two houses on Highland Road which are used for teacher accommodation
  • Part-funding of the construction of the indoor cricket nets
  • Repairs to school building gutters
  • Part sponsorship of staff related events such as Friday lunches and termly wellness days.
  • Repairs to the columns around the school
  • Funding of end of season “thank you” gifts and lunches for sports staff who often give up events, weekends and holidays for no financial reward
  • Assistance with funding of specialist outside coaching staff for clinics, technical sessions and input

The JBA’s focus re the Legacy Club is to:

  • Inform members where their Funds are spent via regular newsletter articles and communication – going forward, a newsletter is to be sent to all Old Boys on a termly basis
  • Providing a governance presence to ensure that Legacy Club donations are used in the correct areas by the School
  • Signing up new members via the debit order system
  • Empowering “Year Captains” to champion the signing up of Old Boys from their era.

In our experience, the majority of Old Boys are willing to support the School with, in today’s terms, a relatively small monthly contribution of R100 provided (1) they know where the funding is being spent and (2) someone pushes them to go through the process of signing a debit order form and sending it back to the JBA.

We truly believe the Legacy Club, if correctly administered, communicated and driven within the Old Boys network, could provide a level of financial support which will be a strong catalyst in building on the extremely positive developments already in place at Jeppe.

As current headmaster and Old Boy, Dale Jackson, says:

“The Legacy Club has been a significant initiative which has allowed the school to improve exponentially across a range of academic, sporting, cultural and infrastructural spheres – whilst R100 per month may seem an insignificant and inconsequential amount, able to do very little, when aggregated with the contribution of hundreds of other old boys, the collective power of this funding has catapulted the school forward and allowed us to complete both large infrastructure projects as well as intangible and seemingly small gestures for our academic staff and coaches which has meant a great deal and driven them to keep going the extra mile.

 To every Old Boy, parent or member of the Jeppe community who has contributed to this project – THANK YOU – you each deserve a small piece of the credit for the improvement in Jeppe’s fortunes”

Our aim is to be raising R100 000 per month from the Legacy Club by the end of 2020.

For those who wish to join the Legacy Club, all that is needed is to:

The JBA will do the rest.