HOD Accounting:
Mr. Fabio Matteucci

For any queries regarding Accounting,
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The minimum entrance requirement for this subject is 50% in Maths examinations (Maths CASS is excluded).

The subject focuses on measuring performance, processing and communicating financial information and, covers topics such as financial Accounting, managerial Accounting and auditing. These topics cover a broad spectrum of Accounting to help boys prepare for tertiary education and career opportunities in the field. Boys will be taught how to manage and organise their own finances responsibly and effectively.

The main topics in the Accounting Curriculum are:

Financial Accounting: Accounting concepts, GAAP principles, book-keeping, Accounting equation, final accounts and financial statements, salaries and wages, value added tax, reconciliations

Managerial Accounting: cost accounting, budgeting Managing Resources: fixed assets, inventory, ethics, internal control.

Accounting is a subject that the learner will find useful on a daily basis. The Jeppe Accounting Department will guide boys through their studies. As learners build their knowledge and develop the necessary skills, they will grow in confidence and discover what a valuable subject Accounting is. Accounting requires the ability to apply knowledge. It is not a learning subject, rather one that requires regular practice. There is a strong correlation between a learner’s performance in Maths and Accounting, hence the minimum entrance requirement. Boys with a strong work ethic and Maths ability excel at Accounting.