Computer Applications Technology

Ms. Nirvana Sookdev

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The CAT curriculum consists of a theory and a practical module. Both modules are equally weighted. Hardware, software and network components of a computer system form the basis for the theoretical component and a comprehensive study of the various Microsoft Office Suite practical applications namely MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access and HTML coding make up the practical module.

Learners are expected to develop skills and competencies in the four MS Office applications in order to be able to answer Level 3 and 4 questions for tests and examinations which constitutes 70% of any practical test or examination.

Subject Scope

  • Systems Technologies
  • Network Technologies
  • Internet Technologies
  • Information Management
  • Social Implications
  • Solution Development

Formal Assessment Components

  • 4 Theory Tests and 2 Examinations
  • 4 Practical Tests and 2 Examinations
  • Practical Assessment Task (PAT) which is a National Assessment set and monitored by the Basic Department of Education

Assessment Weightings

SBA Tasks – 25%

PAT – 25%

Examinations(Theory and Practical) – 50%

CAT is a technology based subject and functions on an application intensive subject curriculum.

In addition to the prescribed textbook the following hardware and software form the pre-requisites of the subject.

The FET education model and work scope is challenging in itself and it is therefore important and mandatory that every learner starts the year with the required resources.

  • Daily access to a personal computer or laptop for completion of tasks and assessments.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher. Please note a higher Windows version is recommended.
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2013 or 2016 with MS Word, MS Excel and MS Access. Please note the school will be running on a 2016 MS Office package.
  • HTML Editor (Notepad++).
  • 1 x 16 GB USB or larger.
  • Internet Access with a suitable Web Browser and Search Engines.
  • Anti-virus software/Internet Security for personal computer or laptopĀ 
  • Access to a printer.