Dramatic Arts

HOD Dramatic Arts:
Mrs. Bronwen Kemp

For any queries regarding Dramatic Arts,
please email bkemp@jeppeboys.co.za

In a world where everyone is asking what you want to be, why not select a subject that helps you find out who you are?

Dramatic Arts is a relatively new subject offered at Jeppe High School for Boys. The subject aims to promote and develop creativity as a rich, diverse and productive resource through dramatic communication, interaction and representation.

Dramatic Arts offers learners the ability to learn how to express themselves and communicate through various skills in improvisation, vocal and physical communication, interpretation and expressiveness, the creation and presentation of performances, and the analysis and interpretation of performance texts in context. The weighting of both the theory and practical assessment components of the subject are equal.

It is a common misconception that the subject carries no points towards gaining entrance at tertiary institutions. Dramatic Arts prepares learners for entry into further studies for a possible career in the drama (or related arts) fields such as; directing, design, acting, stage managing and many more.

This subject equips learners with crucial life skills such as confidence, self-esteem, creativity, communication skills, empathy, self-discipline, critical and creative thinking, leadership and collaborative teamwork which will benefit the individual in any field or future interest.

“We must all do theatre – to find out who we are,  and to discover who we could become.” – Augusto Boal