Economic and Management Sciences

Mr. Dave Hansen

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EMS is a very real-world applicable subject that all Grade 8 and 9 boys have to take in their respective years. We focus on Accounting, Business Studies and Economic concepts for learners in Grade 8 and 9. We split the Accounting concepts from the Business Studies/Economics concepts so that learners have a greater understanding of the respective elements.
The work that we do in class, as well as the SBA’s we produce, have a real-world element to them so that the boys have vital skills that they can use in the world. Skills like financial management, creativity¬†and entrepreneurship are all skills that are needed as we prepare learners to enter the 4th Industrial Revolution. The subject all though challenging is extremely important as boys progress on their path of life no matter what field they choose to specialise in.
The formal assessments include controlled tests, class tests and assignments. We also offer a comprehensive extra lesson programme should a learner fall behind or if they feel they are not coping.