History & Social Sciences

HOD History & Social Sciences:
Ms. Sashquita Northey

For any queries regarding History & Social Sciences,
please email snorthey@jeppeboys.co.za

History will enable learners to develop skills that are both verbal and analytical. A learner will become empowered to really see the world in which he is growing up, and it will assist him in a way he positions himself in the marketplace as he moves towards employment.

History is a subject that enables a boy to score well in his Matric examination and allows his application for tertiary studies to be more successful.

Knowing about your world and understanding the motives of the powerful and ambitious is always useful. Being aware of oneself in a historical context is most important for each individual. The History Department will encourage the learner to become a thinking and responsible South African, fully aware of his surroundings and the people who are shaping his future.

Learners with good reading and writing skills excel in History.