HOS isiZulu:
Ms. Lister Moyo

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isiZulu is widely-spoken in South Africa and is taught at Jeppe as a First Additional Language. Deeply rooted in KwaZulu-Natal, the language cannot be taught separately from its culture and traditions.

The content of the subject varies from general phonetics and phonology (the writing and pronunciation of words) to syntax and semantics (structuring of words and meanings). Besides the classification of nouns and pronouns (usobizo), isiZulu also looks into tenses, adjectives, adverbs and other linguistic aspects. It would be ideal for a learner who chooses the subject to have a good primary school foundation. Syllabus coverage becomes impossible if learners have no background in the language. Literature in isiZulu is divided into two broad aspects: traditional literature (praise, poetry, folklore, sayings, riddles, rhymes, war-cries and family names) and modern literature which includes novels, drama and poetry. A learner doing isiZulu will do at least four types of oral presentation which will include, reading, a speech, response to literature and listening exercises. This helps improve learner confidence in the language as well as in public presentations.

Creativity encourages the enjoyment of the language. Creative writing, while modern, cannot be divorced from the cultural aspects of isiZulu; for example an invitation card for a wedding is incomplete without the heading ‘Kwakuhle Kwethu’ which sends the invitees a feeling of being appreciated as part of a family or a group. The school strives each year to make a motivational cultural tour to KZN, to give the learners a glimpse of the cultural practices and general way of life of the traditional Zulu.

The isiZulu classroom provides the learner with an environment in which to experience new knowledge. The teacher’s code switches from isiZulu to English so as to enable learners to grasp the concepts taught.

‘Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu’ a man is defined by how he behaves amongst others.