Physical & Natural Science

HOS Physical Science:
Ms. Olivia Clark

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The minimum entrance requirement for this subject is 50% in Maths examinations. (Maths CASS is excluded.)

The Science Department at Jeppe High School for Boys has a focus on the ‘hands-on’ practical approach. The labs are equipped with gas outlets enabling practicals to be done; new equipment has been ordered and more is on the way; classes have been fitted with projectors to help all learners understand by means of science simulations.

Moving from grade 9 to grade 10 is a big jump and one of the most important focus points is the change of continuous assessment and exam marks. In grade 9 it lies at 40% (CASS) and 60% (exam), however in grade 10 it becomes 25% (CASS) and 75% (exam), more focus is placed on the exams. So be prepared! When starting Science in grade 10 the focus falls purely on Physics and Chemistry, there is no longer a Biology component as in grades 8 and 9. Science is a subject that requires constant practice throughout the year. Far too often boys feel they can skip homework and still cope. This is not the case. Each year, after grade 10, information and concepts are built on the previous year’s knowledge. Make the right decision from the start. It is important not to jump between subjects on your way to matric. This is not only detrimental for the new subject but also puts a huge strain on the child. Commit to the decision made.

The importance of Science today is beyond description and is vital for university entrance, but it requires hard work. We as a Science Department will make every opportunity available to learners to succeed in this subject. Success begins with learner’s attitude and commitment to succeed. Consistently working throughout the year is key.

Physical Science requires the ability to apply knowledge. It is not a learning subject, rather one that requires regular practice. There is a strong correlation between a learner’s performance in Maths and Physical Science, hence the minimum entrance requirement.