Visual & Creative Arts

HOS Visual & Creative Arts:
Mr. Deon Van Dorp

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It is a popular misnomer that a learner has to have a talent or previous training to select the subject and, that Art carries no points towards gaining entrance into tertiary institutions.

Contrary to popular belief, the Visual Art student need not necessarily have a facility or talent for the subject. He will through time, practice and with hard work be able to learn the disciplines of Art in the same way that he would learn the necessary skills to excel in subjects such as Maths.

With regards to university, a distinction in Visual Art will garner the learner seven points towards entrance into the degree course of his choice. These points can be used to study in any field and need not necessarily be used towards study in the Humanities.

The Visual Art Department consistently produces an average mark 25-30% higher than the GDE average. In 2014 three of our matriculants achieved 100% averages.

Boys need to be disciplined, hardworking, ambitious, self-motivated, creative and imaginative.

Visual Art comprises both a theory and a practical component. This in effect means that your son is selecting the equivalent of two subjects. Practical will require an extra investment of homework time. Visual Art can be an immeasurably rewarding experience at Jeppe High School for Boys.

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