Best athletics performance in years



Master in charge of athletics, Brendan Gittins, says the performance of the Jeppe athletes at the meeting involving Parktown and Pretoria was one the best displays for Jeppe athletics that he has seen. “We were good and we had many, many athletes competing, which is as important,” he said.

Special mention must be made of the two discus athletes, Justin Kalamer (under-15) and Junior White (under-17) who both broke long-standing school records.

This weekend we welcome the private schools: St Benedict’s, St John’s and St David’s, to Jeppe for our last run before the Grand Prix (individual) meeting on Saturday and the interhigh the next weekend – both at KES.

Saturdays Scores were: Jeppe 661, Parktown 372, Pretoria Boys’ High 351.

The following Jeppe athletes won their events at the Parktown and Pretoria Boys’ High meeting:

400m – M De Kock (u-17), E McIntyre (u-16), B Engelbrecht (u-14).

200m – D Mukandi (u-19), J Coetzee (u-17), H Monteiro (u-16), B Engelbrecht (u-14).

100m D Mukandi (u-19), M Manyike (u-17), R Agrizzi (u-15), B Engelbrecht U-14).

110m hurdles – T Johnson (u-17).

100m hurdles – R Agrizzi (u-15), D Trollip (u-14).

1500m – S Nkosi (u-15)

800m – N Ndimande (u-17), M Mashaba (u-16), S Nkosi (u-15), A Zimase (u14).

Discus – J White (u17, new record), K Gerike (u-16), J Kalamer (u-15, new record), S Fieha (u-14).

Long jump – M Tjamela (u-19), M Manyike (u-17), K Maloka (u-16), G Ziede (u-15).

High jump – O Thulare (u-19), A Khandela (u-16), M Westhoff (u-15),.

Triple jump – K Maloka (u-16).

Javelin – S Glautier (u-17), C Harding (u-16), J Kalamer (u-15), S Fien (u-14).

Shot put – K Zowitsky (u-17), S Songwe (u-16), J Kalamer (u-15).

4 x 100m relays – u-19, u-15, u-17, u-14.