Big shoes to fill, but hockey captain Ross is up for it

Ross Breytenbach

The 6-1 victory over Garsfontein on Wednesday night was the second big win in a row for the first hockey team which is great start, but the 2021 captain, Ross Breytenbach, is aware of the tough task that lies ahead for him and the team.
“We were a bit over-confident in the first game, against Menlo Park, and it took us some time to settle down,” he said, “but when we did, we played some good hockey.”

The same appeared to be the case against Garsfontein. Jeppe conceded the first goal, but they dominated after that.

“I’m looking forward to playing our more traditional rivals and I know it will be more difficult. We have big shoes to fill following the very successful Jeppe teams in recent years and I am both nervous and excited about it,” Ross said.

Ross is the most experienced player in the team, having made his 1st team debut in grade 10 and playing 30- odd games before the lockdown. There are one or two others who have a few caps but, otherwise, this is a new side.
“Everyone is in the same boat,” he said, “but I think we have the potential to do well because we have played as a unit throughout our time at Jeppe. We missed out on a year because of Covid, but we have stuck together. A number of the team members live together in Sable House and we are all friends who love doing things together.”

Ross puts Jeppe’ hockey success over the years down to the strong culture that exists. “The hockey staff and the boys form a unified club within the school. The culture is one of having fun, but also of working very hard. We are continuing with that and our new coach, Mr De Villiers stresses that we must enjoy what we are doing.”

The hockey team is in good hands, we look forward to watching them this year.