Business Studies

HOD Business Studies:
Mr. Dave Hansen

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The subject of Business Studies in one of the most popular elective subjects at Jeppe High School for Boys with 100 –120 boys choosing the subject in their grade ten year. The subject has an extensive syllabus which requires a dedicated work ethic and an ability to solve problems.

Business Studies necessitates a great deal of higher-order critical thinking, comprehension, and writing skills which can be a challenge for the boys. Typically boys who do well in English and have a strong work ethic will find this subject manageable. The subject suits learners who take an interest in, and keep up to date with current affairs. The content also requires a large amount of study time, which aids in the higher-order questions and tasks.

The course content is relevant and practical and, although can be difficult to grasp, the information studied will be of great use once the learner has completed high school. The syllabus topics include contract and legal environments, business environments, business ventures, business strategies, entrepreneurship and various problem-solving topics.

The subject is well suited for learners who enjoy the complexities of business, wish to study Commerce or Law degrees at university, or who intend owning their own business one day. Business Studies is a relevant, vibrant and practical subject worthy of consideration.