Cameron Smook takes gold at Maccabi Games


Jeppeā€™s Cameron Smook (pictured with Jeppe old boy Marc Templeton, who was the South African team physio) was at the 20th Maccabi Games in Israel in July.

Cameron was a member of the South African junior cricket team that won the gold medal at the tournament.

The team consisted of 15 under-18 boys who have been practicing together for the last 16 months.

South Africa finished on top of their pool and played a Great Britain side that had a few County players in its ranks in the semifinal, winning by 149 runs.

They met Australia in the final and, having lost to them by 2 runs in their pool match, tensions were high.

Conditions were very difficult, with temperatures reaching 38 degrees plus, with a high humidity level. The SA team was psyched up and the Australians over-confident. We won the game quite easily in the end, by five wickets, with 16 overs to spare.