Connor can’t wait to get back into the swing again

The lockdown has been tough on all of us, but Connor Jones is really looking forward to it coming to an end so he can get back out on the golf course.

“I play golf seven days a week in the school holidays and five times a week when school is on,” he said. “So I guess you could say I live out on the course and having to stay at home all the time hasn’t been fun.”

He’s made a plan at home to make sure he doesn’t lose his touch completely, but it’s not quite the same thing. “I had a practice net which we set up but I hit so many balls at it that it didn’t last long, so now I’ve rigged a mattress and some blankets to hit into – which isn’t going down so well with my mom,” he explained.

Connor was awarded full colours for golf at the online sports awards assembly recently, making him the first boy in the school’s history to receive that award. “I wasn’t expecting that, so I was thrilled,” he said, “but more than that, I am honoured to be the first Jeppe boy to do that, so I’ll always be part of the school’s history.”

Jeppe played in the B division of the local schools league in the summer and they qualified for the playoffs to be promoted to the top league next season. Those playoff never happened, of course, and Connor is hoping they will take place in the 4th term.

“The team did really well in the league competition, and I won most of my matches, I guess that’s why the school decided to award me colours. I’m hoping my success will inspire the other players and that Jeppe golf will continue to grow. When I started playing at the school we had seven players and one team. Now there are three teams and close to 20 golfers. The sport is being taken seriously at Jeppe.”

Not playing golf has meant that Connor has time to concentrate on schoolwork now. “I’m in matric and our teachers are keeping the pressure on us via the online teaching programme,” he said. “We have assignments and research projects to do and it’s been keeping me busy. It’s good though, because when we get back to school we won’t have to start from scratch.”

He’s missing his friends though, and longing to get swinging again.