Cricket colours awarded

From left: Keegan Krchnavy, Cameron Brown, Dylan Nicholas, Declan Osborn, Kaylan Archary. Inset: Yusuf Ravat

Cricket colours were awarded at a summer sports colours assembly during the week.

In regular years there would have been swimming, water polo, basketball, orienteering, tennis and golf awards made too, but the restrictions on sport due to Covid-19 meant that couldn’t happen this time.

Deputy Headmaster in charge of extra-curricular affairs, Mr Brendan Gittins, explained at the assembly that it was decided to go ahead with cricket awards because it was the only sporting code in which the school’s 1st team managed to play a significant number of matches against other schools. In considering the cricket awards, special consideration was given to the grade 12s, seeing that this is their final year and remembering that they were not able to play for most of last year.

The school made the difficult decision, Mr Gittins said, not to award colours for aquatics and basketball and the other term one sports at this time because there were no interschool competitions. This is in line with the decisions not to make awards in the third and fourth terms of last year.

“We felt that, although heartbreaking and unfair to the many boys who lost out, we just could not honour the integrity of the process which would be unfair to those boys before and after those awards and I believe even to the boys who were up for the awards,” Mr Gittins said at the assembly.

The colours process will be flexible this year and the 1st term sports will be looked at again later in the year and early fourth term performances will be rewarded with colours later this year, especially for the grade 12s.

So, matrics who did not have the opportunity to experience a full season in term 1 will have an adequate chance to do so later in the year, Mr Gittins explained. “For example, unlike in a “normal” year, our Basketball and Water polo matrics will have a colours run after their last festivals later this year such as the St John’s Basketball Tournament and the SACS Water polo Festival whilst our Golfers, Tennis players, Orienteerers, Swimmers and Rowers will have a final colours run after they have had a chance to compete against other schools later in the year.

”Cricket will have a second colours run after the Michaelmas Festival to give the matrics a further opportunity, and awards will be made to grade 11s at the end of the term 4 season.

“In essence, what we are aiming to do is to award colours throughout the year, if necessary, to ensure all summer sports codes will get an adequate chance,” Mr Gittins said.

The cricket colours awarded last week were:

Scroll – Yusuf Ravat
Half colours – Kaylin Archary, Cameron Brown, Keagan Krchnavy
Full colours – Dylan Nicholas, Declan Osborne.