Cultural activities do us proud

The senior and junior public speaking teams

Jeppe’s cultural competition programme is in full swing and the boys are doing us proud, week after week.

Most recently, the senior public speaking team advanced to the regional finals round of the SACCEE competition. They will be competing in a series of rounds, beginning on May 11th and culminating in the provincial finals in August.

Jeppe’s teacher in charge, Ms Sashquita Northey, explained that the juniors also competed at the recent festival, but the results for that have not become known yet.

“The public speaking society is growing rapidly at Jeppe.” She said. “We now have three senior teams and two junior teams, each consisting f five members and they are all committed and work hard at it. That’s a big improvement from a few years ago when we struggled to make up teams.”

Seven members of the Jeppe drama club did very well at Speech and Drama College SA, Johannesburg Festival a few weeks ago. Four boys performed contemporary monologues and Jeppe received one bronze (60-69%) and three prestige (90-100%) with badges for excellence.

Three boys performed dramatised poetry pieces, with one getting gold (80-90%) and two prestige with badges (90-100%).

The matrics entered a short scene and received a prestige badge (90-100%).

The badges are a significant achievement as they are awarded for exemplary performances and they are not given out very often. The adjudicator said that Jeppe Boys has set the bar high this year.

Cade Fyfe went on to be awarded the Ros Jaff trophy for best senior Contemporary Monologue and Kevin Newton was awarded the Speech and Drama SA trophy for best senior Dramatised Poem, both in the Johannesburg division of the competition.