Cultural Expo

Dramatic Arts

When you get thrown a curve ball it’s best to run with it. That’s how our Director of Culture, Ms Bronwyn Kemp, explained the motivation behind staging a cultural activities and clubs and societies expo, in the Memorial Hall on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our extra-curricular programme quite drastically,” she said. “It has meant, among other things that there can be no matches and competitive events at this stage and so, for a change, we have everyone on campus for now

“That provided, we realised, a rare opportuntity to gather all the clubs, societies and activities together in the same place at the same time, and to have the rest of the school available to come and see what we do.”

So, an expo was put together. 15 stands were set up, depicting all the activities, and the new grade 8s were told to attend so that they could see what was on offer and, if they wanted to, to sign up for anything that took their fancy. There was an open invitation to everyone else to attend as well and the turnout was excellent.

“We always introduce our activities to the new boys at the start of the year, but it’s typically by way of someone talking to them about it, which is quite boring and one-dimensional,” Ms Kemp said. “This year we asked all the activities to create an experience for the visitors and to involve them in a practical way. They outdid themselves at that.”

Importantly, Ms Kemp said, it wasn’t a case of the teacher in charge running things, but the members involved took the lead in designing and manning the stands. “It was a case of the boys themselves selling their activities to the rest of the school. It worked well, and we will be expanding the idea in the future.”