Eight distinctions for Cole

Top class: Cole Naamdhew

Cole Naamdhew is delighted, naturally, with the eight distinctions he earned in the 2020 matric exams, but he is not particularly surprised.

“It’s all about knowing who you are and what you are capable of,” he said. “And I knew I could do well if I applied myself. You take whatever advice is given, and follow the tips that are available, but those don’t really change things, it’s up to you. I went for it, and got what I wanted.”

Cole did nine subjects and missed out narrowly on a ninth distinction – in AP Maths, but he is not that disappointed. “I did as well as I expected, it’s a difficult subject and requires extra effort, I think what I got is a fair reflection of what I put into it.”

Cole didn’t spend all his time at Jeppe in his school books and he is very proud to have been part of the group that thought of, and established, the school’s Comics and Cards Club. “We thought we needed a place for those who didn’t quite fit in with the other things on offer to go to. That it’s taken off and is apparently doing well this year, is something I’m very proud of, he said.

He was also involved in public speaking and made some solid friends there. “The experience I gained will stand me in good stead going forward,” he said.

Cole will be going to Wits this year to study Geographic and Archaeological Sciences with the intention of doing honours in palaeontology. “I want to get into research and excavation of sites,” he said. “I got distinctions in maths and science, I know, but pure maths and physics never really grabbed me,” he said. “I want to apply those skills to something that really interests me – the archaeological past.”

Cole’s achievements in such a disruptive year are extraordinary. We are extremely proud of him and will be following his tertiary study career with interest.