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Water Polo

MIC  of  Water Polo:
Mr. Joshua Allan

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Water Polo is a summer sport that takes place in Term 1 and Term 4.




Water Polo at Jeppe has seen a rapid growth in strength and participation of the past few years. We have 11 teams in the club who play against the top opposition in Gauteng and the country. Our A teams all attend the top tournaments in the country and are consistently competitive, often coming in the Top 8 positions for the National tournaments. Our Gauteng team representation continues to rise.

This success is built on a number of factors:

  • We have a young, experienced and enthusiastic coaching staff which comprise of old boys and Gauteng U18 coaches. Along with these we have a number of younger coaches who we pair with a more experienced coach. This enables our young coaches to gain skills and experience.
  • Our pool facility has recently undergone a massive overhaul to the tune of R6 Million and has given us one of the top facilities in the country.
  • The club is financially strong and is able to provide all the resources needed to succeed at the top schoolboy level.
  • A strong old boys club structure enables many of our school boys to participate in club matches and learn from the club players.

We want boys to play the sport at the top level however, we will not compromise on the enjoyment of the sport. First and foremost we believe in order for a club to be successful the boys must have fun playing the game. This way we hope they will continue to play Water Polo outside of school.

We strive to give every member of the Jeppe Water Polo club all the essential skills and knowledge of the game in order to compete with the best in the country but we also believe that boys must be allowed to play with their natural flare, learn from mistakes and try out different skills. This thinking means that Jeppe polo players are able to express themselves resulting in an exciting brand of Water Polo.