First Aiders keep on serving


The Jeppe 1st Aid/Emergency Care team continues to provide an invaluable service to the school, and the surrounding community and, at the same time, it is an excellent educational activity for the boys involved.

Jeppe teacher, Mr Richard Green is the master in charge of the activity and he explains how the 38 boys involved are well qualified and very dedicated, and a credit to the school.

“All the boys have level one, two or three first aid qualifications and they know that they can be called on to do duty pretty much seven days a week,” he explains. Mr Green is a Jeppe old boy who was part of the 1st Aid team while he was at school himself and he has gone one to qualify as an ambulance emergency assistant and intermediate life support academic. He runs the club, along with his wife, Lydia, who is an advanced life support parademic, and who provides her expertise when needed. He conducts all of the training of the boys.

The team is on duty at all home sports events, and at other events at Jeppe, when they are asked to, and they combine with the Jeppe Girls team to enter interschool competitions.

“We have been given a room in the school grounds that we have turned into a clinic and we offer a high level of service,” Mr Green said. “We use a professional ambulance service at home fixtures, but the boys are the first responders and are able to handle most of the cases.”

There is an average of 35 of those on a typical Saturday morning, so they are pretty busy. “We split into two teams, top and bottom fields, and Lydia and I are kept pretty busy running between the two,” Mr Green said. “What we need is a golf cart, and we are on the lookout for a sponsor to get a second-hand one, which would raise our efficiency level to a new high.”

The use of a golf cart is all that stands between Jeppe getting Boksmart Gold Status – the highest level there is – and which is equivalent to being qualified to work at an international rugby game.

The team also does great work in the community. They work at Sylvia’s Market every Sunday, and at the Rhodes Park Fair, as well as at road races in the area etc. “It’s our way of giving back to the community and it also provides wider experience for the boys,” Mr Green said.

And it’s all about providing experience and opportunities, he believes. “Like everything that happens at the school it’s all part of the educational process and these boys are learning valuable lessons. They never fail to amaze me with their dedication, maturity and sense of responsibility. It’s a great activity from that point of view,” he said.

“In the past many of them have gone on to be voluntary 1st aiders after school, that’s apart from those who have gone on to study for careers in the medical professions.”

And the combined Jeppe boys and girls team regularly wins the interschool 1st aid competition.