FND Off Broadway



New ground was broken at Jeppe last Friday night when the cream of the school’s cultural activities were showcased in front of an audience of family and friends in the first ever FND off Broadway production.
The idea was to select the best boys and groups from the year’s cultural programme and invite people to come and see them strut their stuff in typical “Off Broadway” style.
In show business, Off-Broadway is a type of production which is smaller than a Broadway production and typically it stages more experimental or novel pieces of work. The evening was just that – our first presentation of Jeppe’s cultural talent.
The evening was a huge success, despite a power failure -which lasted for the entire duration of the show- it was brilliant, if anything, as the lack of lights added to the cultural ambience of the evening!
On the night, there were performances by the Pipe Band, Choir, Marimba Band, Music Society, Poetry Club, Drama Club and the Public Speaking Society.
The plan is for this evening to grow and become a much-anticipated annual event on the school’s calendar.