Good day against Bennies

Hugo Monteiro in action against Monument at the Golden Lions Craven Week trials


The winter fixture against St Benedict’s College was a very successful one for Jeppe.

The hockey section played 15 games against Bennies and won 14, with one draw. The A teams were especially impressive. The 1sts won 5-2, the under-16As 5-1 and the under-14As 4-0.

No rugby team lost to Bennies. The firsts produced a good all-round performance to win 63-12, and all the A teams had comfortable wins as well.

Some of the lower teams played against higher teams form Benoni High School to ensure that all the Jeppe teams got a game on the day.

It was a very pleasant fixture, played in good spirit and Jeppe’s friendship with our neighbouring school continued on a sound footing.

The under-16A and 1st rugby teams played against Monument on Monday as part of the Golden Lions trials process. They were not proper games, and no scores were kept.

As a result of the trials, and the Boden/Aitken hockey tournaments next weekend, there is no fixture on Saturday May 12, and most of the boys can take a well-deserved break.

Hockey Results

1st team Jeppe 5 St Benedict’s 2

2nd team Jeppe 2 St Benedict’s 0

3rd team Jeppe 3 St Benedict’s 1

4th team Jeppe 1 St Benedict’s 0

5th team Jeppe 8 St Benedict’s 0

Under-16A Jeppe 5 St Benedict’s 1

Under-16B Jeppe 6 St Benedict’s 1

Under-16C Jeppe 7 St Benedict’s 1

Under-16D Jeppe 6 St Benedict’s 0

Under-16E Jeppe 3 St Benedict’s 0

Under-16F Jeppe 2 St Benedict’s 0

Under-14A Jeppe 4 St Benedict’s 0

Under-14B Jeppe 2 St Benedict’s 1

Under-14C Jeppe 0 St Benedict’s 0

Under-14D Jeppe 2 St Benedict’s 0


Rugby Results

1st team Jeppe 63 St Benedict’s 12

2nd team Jeppe 67 St Benedict’s 3

3rd team Benoni 1sts 17 Jeppe 14

4th team Jeppe 32 St Benedict’s 3rds 10

5th team Jeppe 19 St Benedict’s 4ths 17

6th team Benoni 3rds 20 Jeppe 19

Under-16A Jeppe 57 St Benedict’s 24

Under-16B Jeppe 52 St Benedict’s 0

Under-16C Benoni under-16A 36 Jeppe 17

Under-16D Jeppe 58 St Benedict’s 5

Under-16E Benoni under-16B Jeppe 14

Under-15A Jeppe 22 St Benedict’s 5

Under-15B Jeppe19 Benoni under-15A 12

Under-15C Jeppe 22 Benoni under15B 10

Under-15E St Benedict’s under-15B 29 Jeppe 7

Under-14A Jeppe 64 St Benedict’s 0

Under-14B Jeppe 22 St Benedict’s 0

Under-14C Jeppe 33 Benoni under-14A 24

Under-14D Jeppe 33 St Benedict’s under14C 7

Under-14E Jeppe 24 Benoni under-14B 17