Hard work and focus pay off for Jabulani

 Jabulani Mdluli with proud mother Mrs Agnes Mdluli.

Jabulani Mdluli’s Jeppe journey ended on a high note when he received his statement of symbols last week, to find he had scored six out of seven – six As and a B – in the matric exams.

And in the seventh, AP Maths, he got 79% so he is, of course, asking for a remark.

Jabulani came to the school from Jeppe Prep – so his entire school career was spent in black and white – and he looks back on it fondly.

“I got distinctions in all my subjects ever since grade 8, so it was no surprise to me that I got six in matric,” he says. “My success is a result of a lot of hard work on my part, but I also got the full backing of my family all the way, and the support and motivation of the teachers at school.”

He believes it was important that school work never took over his life. “I had a lot of fun at the school over the last five years. I had friends who helped me relax and enjoy my time at school, and my teachers were great at making classes interesting and fun too.

I became quite close to some of my teachers and they all wanted me to do well, that was a great motivation to me.”

His greatest supporter, he says, was his mother Agnes, who drove him to achieve all that he was capable of. “I always stressed that, although God had given him the ability, it would be hard work and focus that would produce the results,” she says. “While he was at school he had the teachers behind him, making him focus. Now he is going to university and that’s no longer the case, he’s going to have to do it himself.”

And for Jabulani, university means a B Acc degree at Wits this year, hoping to eventually become a CA. “My mom wanted me to do medicine,” Jabulani says, “but I can’t see myself as a doctor. Working with numbers is what excites me, and that’s what I want to study.”

Agnes is happy with that. “Let him do what he loves,” she says. “He has a better chance of success that way.”

A remarkable young man who is going to do the school proud in the years to come.