Hopewell has been sensational


Hard work, perseverance, the right support, and little bit of luck. Those are what’s needed to succeed and Hopewell Nkosi is proof of that.

He has been nothing short of sensational throughout the cross-country season, winning five out of five races, including the inter-district individual championships.

Now that the school season is over he will be running in club meetings for Soweto’s Boxer club, so don’t be surprised if we hear about him again quite soon.

Hopewell is at Jeppe on a Theo Jackson scholarship, and he is very aware of the privilege it has been for him. “My parents have both passed away, so my grandmother has brought me up,” he said. “I lived with my sister in Germiston and went to Dinwiddie Primary School where the principal and teachers saw that I could run. They helped me to apply for a scholarship to come to Jeppe and luckily I got it.”

And he decided he would work hard to show that he deserves to be at the school. “We trained very hard for cross-country and I’m looking forward to athletics season so I can work at that too.”

Earlier this year, Hopewell came 4th in the 3000m at the Gauteng track athletics championships, narrowly missing out on going to the SA Champs.

“Ntuthuko Nzimande and Mzwhake Mashaba are in the hostel at Jeppe too. They have taken me in to train with them and we hope to do well for Jeppe at the interhigh next term.”

Hopwell’s grandmother was a keen runner when she was young, but never got the opportunity to compete at a high level. “She thanks me for meeting the dreams that she never got the chance to meet,” he says. “That motivates me more than anything else. I’m going to carry on working hard and, hopefully winning races, to show my thanks to her, and to everyone else that has been supporting me.”