Italian exchange student at Jeppe


Davide Begal will be at Jeppe for the next two months as part of an exchange programme organised by Intercultura, an international programme aimed at creating opportunities for contact between people from different cultures.

He is from Verona in Italy and is staying with a family in Lyndhurst who asked Jeppe to take him in, and here he is.

He will be spending six weeks in grade 11G and, although he speaks English quite well he is finding it all a bit strange at first. “I don’t understand the work, but it will get clearer, I’m sure,” he said. “The boys are all very friendly. They call me Mario – it’s the only Italian name they know, I guess – but they will get to know me.”

This school is very different to back home. We don’t wear uniforms and my school has boys and girls, but I’m enjoying my stay so far, the teachers are very helpful and everyone has been very kind to me.