It’s good to be back

Otisile Nkadimeng

You can only take so much silence – that’s Otsile Nkadimeng’s comment on being back at school fulltime. We ran into him in the admin office where he was having flyers made ahead of his run for a spot on the school’s Representative Council of Learners (RCL) – he is obviously taking that very seriously – when we overheard that remark and asked him to elaborate.

“I’ve always enjoyed the banter and teasing that happens whenever a group of Jeppe boys get together, but there came a stage when it was becoming a bit much and I’d long for a bit of silence and solitude so that I could get down to what I had to do, and think my own thoughts,” he said.

“And then I got my wish. Covid closed the school down and I had all the time alone that I wanted. It was glorious at first, but then it also became too much and I realised I was becoming a bit depressed and missing the other boys.”

So, being back at school has taught him an important lesson, he said. “You can only take so much time alone, and the benefit of silence doesn’t make up for the feeling of togetherness. When we did a war cry at school today I realised that. It reminded me again of just why I love being a Jeppe boy.

“I’m going to be bit more tolerant of all the nonsense that goes on in the brotherhood from now on.”