Jagger sets the track alight

Jagger Robertson, in grade 9 at Jeppe, has motor racing in his DNA. His father and his uncle, both Jeppe old boys, were multiple South African champions in Oval and Long Circuit racing. He first got behind the wheel of a go-kart when he was five and by the age of nine he was diving proper motor cars. He became the youngest South African driver to compete in a long circuit saloon car race at the age of 12.
His father, who runs the Big Boss Auto Racing team, got Jagger started in racing at an early age and taught him the basics. Now he is managed and coached by his cousin, Devin Robertson. “Devin has been guiding me since I was 12, he is himself a former South African champion and his technical knowledge and expertise are a great help,” Jagger said.
On March 27th he made his debut in regional championship racing when he drove in the Gauteng BMW Car Club series at Redstar raceway in Delmas. He qualified 2nd in his class and came 3rd overall on the day.
In April he raced at the Phakisa Raceway in Welkom and came 3rd in his class and fourth overall.
In both cases, he competed against grown men and, at 15, he was by far the youngest driver on both days.
His next assignment comes later this month when he will be competing in the Legends series – a competition that is held at venues around the world, with the times collated to determine the overall winner. Jagger won his age category in that competition when he was 13.
“Next year we are hoping to get a seat in one of the professional teams in the national Polo series,” Jagger said. “If I do well in the Legends competition, there will also be opportunities to race in the United States and get exposure there.”
Until then, Jagger says he enjoying being at Jeppe. He made the under-14A rugby team last year but never got to play for them due to Covid. “I’m in the under-15A and B squad now, but I got concussed at practice and so I’m missing the first games. Hopefully, I will be allowed to return to play next week, I’m looking forward to it.”