Jaryd’s new-found speed is earning points for the school

If you have noticed that Jaryd Fraser is suddenly winning races regularly on the athletics track and are wondering where he came from, the answer is that he has been here all along, but in his words, this year he suddenly became fast.

“I have run all along but never for the A team, or only in the relays. This year I seem to have found a burst of speed and I’m winning races,” he said. He does, however, concede that he has been taking the sport seriously and has been training harder which, no doubt, has made the difference. As a result, has earned a lot of points for the school at interschool meetings this year.

He also played hockey for one of the lower teams during the winter which was, he says, a lot of fun and helped him to keep fit.

He runs the 100m and 200m and has been in the shadow of Hugo Monteiro who is the school champions over the two distances, but he believes he is catching up to him and his aim is to beat him soon. “Hugo’s a good runner and I’ve learnt a lot from him,” he said. “But I’m going to try to beat him.”

And when Hugo’s not there, as he wasn’t last weekend because of injury, there’s no-one quicker in his age group in the other schools, as he showed by winning the gold medal in the 100m at the Grand Prix meeting. He also won the silver in the 200m and he will be running both distances at the B interhigh next weekend – there is only 1 runner per event at the interhigh and Hugo is in the A races.

Jaryd has made the schools Elite Athlete squad and he is looking forward to competing at the beginning of next year.