Jaryd’s in the national training squad


Jaryd White’s dedication to the game of baseball is paying off and he has been included in the elite training group from which the South African under-18 team to play in the world championship in 2019 will be chosen.

He has been playing the game since he was in primary school and is a member of the Edenvale Giants club’s junior team, the Edenvale Imps.

The SA squad was selected at the end of the recent interprovincial tournament and there will now be a number of regional training sessions and camps ahead of next year’s interprovincial where the final team will be chosen.

Jaryd is a first-base man and relieve pitcher, and he thinks he had a good interprovincial tournament. “I played in all the games, and while I never batted that well, my pitching was quite good,” he said.

His baseball commitments don’t leave him much time for anything else, so he hasn’t been playing rugby so far this season. “I’m not very good, but I enjoy playing at a social level for one of the lower teams,” he said. “Hopefully I’ll be able to try out for a team now.”

The baseball junior league last for six months in the summer, and then there’s his provincial commitments, so basketball is very much an all year activity for him.

“Playing rugby for the school is important, though, I get to mix with my friends at Jeppe, who are different from my baseball friends.”