Jeppe are the knockout tournament kings

Last weekend four hockey teams from Jeppe High School for Boys made it through to the finals of the tournaments they played in, and three of them emerged victorious.

The first team played in the Aitken Cup A section and won it, for the fifth year in a row; the second team won the D section of the Aitken Cup, and the under-15 team won the Boden Trophy competition.

The school’s under-16A team played in the Parktown Top 8 tournament and made it through to the final where they were beaten 2-1 by King Edward School.

It was a remarkable weekend. One that showed Jeppe is without a doubt the top boys hockey school in town at the moment.

Most sport among the English schools is played on a friendly basis, with no league competitions in place, so the knockout tournaments in the various codes are the only way really to compare schools on the basis of results and the statistics show that Jeppe has actually been on top in hockey for quite a while now.

Statistics on the Aitken, Boden and Top 8 tournaments provided by the JBA’s Kevin Robins confirm that. They make for interesting reading.

The Aitken Cup has been going since 1974 (45 years) and Jeppe has been in the final 27 times, winning it 18 times (three shared trophies), with KES and Parktown 2nd on 11 wins each (both with two shared).

The current streak of five consecutive Aitken wins is the longest ever. Jeppe won it three times in a row twice (1980 to 1982 and 1984 to 1986); KES did it once (1988 to 1990) and Parktown once 1998 to 2000).

Parktown has won the Boden Trophy the most with 15 (three shared). Jeppe and KES share second spot on 11 (Jeppe shared it three times).

The Top 8 competition has been going since 2007. KES has won in six times and Jeppe 3.

Jeppe is the only school to win all three trophies – the Aitken Boden and Top 8 – in the same year, in 2017.

2019 was the fourth time that Jeppe has won both the Aitken and Boden titles in the same year. KES has done that three times.