Jeppe athletes roll on


The athletics season is winding down – there are two more meetings to go: next weekend’s Grand Prix meeting, followed by the interhigh the week after that.

Jeppe’s good run of results continued with a comfortable win in a five school meeting which included St David’s, St John’s and St Benedict’s.

The final points position was: 1 Jeppe 810, 2 Parktown 499, 3 St Benedict’s 325, 4 St John’s 311, 5 St David’s 249.

The following Jeppe athletes won their events:


100m hurdles – D Trollip; 1500m – C Sanders; 400m D Van Wyk, discus – S. Fiehn; shot put – J Moore.


100m hurdles – R Agrizzi; 200m – R Agrizzi; 800m – K Farnham, 1500m – K Farnham; high jump – M Westhof; javelin – T Van Velze, discus – T Van Velze; shot put – T Mthembu.


200m – E McIntyre –  400m E McIntyre – 400m; 800m S Nkosi; 1500m – S Nkosi; discus – M Ley; high jump – A Khandela; javelin – C Harding; 100m – K Maloka; long jump – K Maloka; triple jump – K Maloka; shot put – L Jambane.


110m hurdles– J Johnson; 400m hurdles – J Johnson; 200m – J Coetzee, 400m – J Coetzee; 800m – D Newton; high jump – K Mogodiri; long jump – M Manyike; triple jump – J April.


100m – D Mukandi; 200m D Mukandi; 800m – A Payne; Javelin – J Cassieliero; shot put – L Biffi.

The best performances of the day came from the two Jordans. Jordan Johnson won the under-17 110m hurdles and the open 400m hurdles, while Jordan Coetzee won the 200m and 400m in the same age group.

In the under-16 age group, Kathleho Maloka won the 100m, long jump and triple jump.