Jeppe choir going from strength to strength

The Jeppe High School for Boys choir is going from strength to strength and is busy making a name for itself on the school choir scene.

Lat week they performed at the Parktown Girls’ High Choir Festival where they shared the stage with some of the top schools choirs in town, and the Wits University junior choir, and they more than held their won.

According to the choir’s master in charge, Mr Gabriel van Rensburg, that performance showed just how far they have come. “Not so long ago we were struggling to get a decent-sized group of singers together and at one stage we could only get five members out to practice regularly,” he said. “This has improved over the last few years to the extent that we have 32 members now and everyone is dedicated and working hard. As a result, we have been performing at various events this year, and have a few more lined up in the months ahead.”

Mr Van Rensburg gives a lot of the credit to their conductor, Ms Dalene Hoogenhout. “She is the conductor of the Wits University choir and is one of the most experienced conductors around. She has introduced structure to our activities and the boys are motivated and are enjoying themselves.

“I think we have reached a stage where the choir is sustainable. The boys are prepared to practice hard and are enjoying learning new songs, and our numbers continue to grow. The eventual aim is to become good enough to enter choir competitions and we are working towards that,” Mr Van Rensburg concluded.